Animated Content for the Financial Sector

27 Stream Media is an innovative visual-content media organisation, producing bespoke animated videos and a range of compliant, pre-produced content videos; breaking news, explainer videos and market recaps. Reach your current clients and engage your target audience with a proven, engaging and brandable medium. Animated explainer videos are the most effective medium for connecting with your clients and audience.

Earn increased brand recognition, engagement, click throughs, shares and ROI than the standard email, blog and PDF engagement campaigns. In addition to bespoke videos, 27 Stream Media produces turnkey 2D video content weekly Financial market Recaps and breaking news animations that can also be branded.


Market recaps & Breaking news videos

27Stream is an industry pioneer in the production of brandable and customisable sector content. Replacing or complementing your current email and social media blogs, memes, newsletters, PDF’s and static content.

Recap topics available:
Forex – The latest FX news, live currency rates, forex calendar and more. What you need to know now about the GBP, Dollar, Yen, Euro and minors.

Commodities – a brief recap to stay on top of the key news, analysis and prices across the major commodity and energy markets.

Oil / Energy – the latest news and headlines about energy markets; gas, oil, coal, nuclear power and renewables.

US Federal Reserve – an overview of rate decisions and likely macro-economic factors.

BoE – an overview of rate decisions, meeting summary and likely micro-economic factors.

Bespoke Videos

27Stream specialises in providing professional and imaginative video production to the Financial Services sector. Whether you are wanting to produce an explainer video series, the benefits of your products, guidance on investing or a marketing AV our team will work with you efficiently and professionally.

Pre-produced Explainer videos

27Stream produces inexpensive, engaging and sector specific explainer videos. You can access, brand topical, high quality completed video content. No need to design, script, drag, drop, add a voiceover or source a backing track.





The template Recap videos all contain market news relating to the Global majors, in addition they will relate market and economic news of the market in which you are located.

Bespoke market videos are designed in conjunction with our design team and will detail whatever market news your organisation would like to highlight.

Our Process


Bespoke productions are quoted individually, however unlike most studios we are willing to provide a guide for production costs. 60 – 90 explainer videos range from £1500 to £4500 depending on length, research, style and other factors. Pre-produced content and recap videos are the most cost effective means of engaging your clients and audience.

Bespoke Productions

Bespoke productions are quoted individually, however as a guide for production costs, a 60 – 120 second explainer video ranges from £1500 to £4500 depending on number of videos, length, research, style and other factors.

Unlike most other studios, the delivery of your video will include additional versions edited to comply with the various social media platforms technical specifications.

Pre-Created Content Animations

The most cost effective Content is pre-created animated explainer videos. We will continue to create sector specific and general informational content videos that can be branded and customised by clients. They vary in price from as little as £75 to a few hundred pounds.

Market Recaps

Engage your clients and wider audience with pre-created market recaps, replace or complement your current market recaps and newsletters sent in traditional pdf format. Your audience will watch these videos over 300% more often than written content. Try out our monthly recaps free or choose to customise and brand our weekly, monthly or breaking news videos. The weekly package provides 52 branded weekly recap videos for less than £100 a week!

Free Content package

6 Monthly market recap video
100+ Breaking news videos p.a
27Stream Media branding
Upload within hours of US close
Receive link to download
Download to your Youtube, Vimeo
Embed in emails & add a call to action
Embed in social media & add a CTA
High resolution animation
No script input required
Free content

Branding and Customisation options

1. Add your animated logo at the beginning and end
2. Add floating button logo throughout video
3. Add call to action message, well wishes or offer in ticker tape


  • Animated Logo (£350 value)
  • Customised with your branding
  • 90 second template
  • Rotation of templates
  • Standard & Periodic content
  • Voice-over narration
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Upload within hours of US close
  • High resolution animation
  • No script input required
  • 52 x 90* second videos
£4999.00 excl


  • Animated Logo (£350 value)
  • Customised with your branding
  • 120 second template
  • Standard & Periodic content
  • Voice-over narration
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Upload within hours of US close
  • High resolution animation
  • No script input required
  • 12 x 120* second / month end videos
£2999.00 excl

Breaking News

  • Customised with your branding
  • Approx’ 25 sec
  • Topical financial news
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Upload within minutes of event
  • High resolution animation
  • No script input required
  • Compliance checked
  • Email and Social Media
Upto 150 per annum £2999.00 excl
Upto 350 per annum £4999.00 excl

We can create your organisations very own recap design, in either the weekly or monthly packages.
Weekly: £8499.00 excl
Monthly: £5499.00 excl

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